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The Irresistible Taste of Asahi Draft Beer: A Refreshing Japanese Brew

Now serving Asahi Daft our Citrus Heights and Roseville locations.

The original super dry beer from Japan is here! Asahi delivers a clean, crisp, and quick finish that never lingers. Designed to create the most refreshing beer experience, our Asahi Draft Machine has a separate tap for creamy foam, which locks in carbonation, keeping the beer crisp and clean.

In addition to Asahi Draft, we have a whole new selection of Alcoholic beverages to enjoy. Our revised beer menu includes:

Asahi Draft (Light Lager)

The original super dry beer from Japan. Asahi delivers a clean, crisp, and quick finish that never lingers. The creamy head locks in carbonation, keeping the beer crisp and clean

(16oz) 5.2%

Sapporo (Light Lager)

Amazingly crisp, perfectly balanced taste. Sapporo Premium Beer is a refreshing lager with a crisp, refined flavor and a clean finish

(12oz) 4.9%

Sapporo Black (Schwarzbier)

Sapporo Premium Black is crafted with roasted dark malts and a refined hop bitterness that is complemented by a sweet, round fullness and distinct coffee and chocolate flavors

(22oz) 5%

Orion (Pale Lager)

Nurtured in subtropical Okinawa, Orion is blessed with an exhilarating crispness and mild flavor

(12oz) 5%

805 Original (Blonde Ale)

A light, refreshing blonde ale created for the laid-back California lifestyle. Subtle malt sweetness is balanced by a touch of hops, creating a versatile beer with a clean finish

(12oz) 4.7%

Stella Artois Cidre (Hard Cider)

A sophisticated cider with full flavors of red apple and peachy apricots complimented by spicy oranges and flowery almonds. Clean, crisp, refreshing and pleasing

(12oz) 4.5%

Track Seven Left Eye Right Eye (Double IPA)

This Double IPA features a blend of five hop varieties that hit you with an intense hop experience, but pleases the palate with smooth flavor. Aromas of tangerines and grapefruit on the nose.

(12oz) 9.5%

Trumer Pils (German Pilsner)

A German-style Pilsner, Trumer Pils is characterized by a distinct hops flavor, high carbonation and light body. A combination of Saaz and Austrian hops, malt mashing process and proprietary yeast make Trumer Pils unique among beers.

(12oz) 4.9%

J pop White Peach $8 (Sparkling Cocktail)

The bright aroma and flavor of sweet, white peach almost convinces you that you’re eating a real peach

(12oz) 6.5%

Kanpai! 🍻

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