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About Us

Fukumi [ foo·koo·me ]  —  Japanese word synonymous for atmosphere

Irasshaimase, and welcome to Fukumi (ふくみ).


A great dining experience is at the heart of every one of our dishes. Our team strives to create a sense of tradition within a contemporary environment. Fukumi Restaurant Group serves the greater Sacramento area. The restaurants under our direction include:

Fukumi Ramen, specializing in Hakata-style ramen

Fukumi Chaya, a fresh take on our original restaurant, featuring an expanded selection of drinks, rice bowls, and Japanese tapas

Its Sushi, offering premium all-you-can-eat sushi

Pier 50 Sushi, a fine-dining sushi experience


We invite all to discover and partake in authentic Japanese cuisine as we serve you with the utmost  "Omotenashi" - Japanese hospitality.

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